Mrs. Shelyn Vickers



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English from Texas Tech University 1997

Mrs. Shelyn Vickers

Hello Madison Mavericks!

My name is Shelyn Vickers, and I teach Sophomore English Level and PreAP.  I previously taught grades 6-12 for 10 years before taking a brief hiatus to be Mom at home.  My 11 year old daughter Taylor just started 6th grade, and my son Ryder, who is about to celebrate his 6th birthday, just started kindergarten.  My husband Tom is an attorney here in San Antonio, and we will soon celebrate 15 years of marriage.  Together our family has 2 German Shepherds, one yellow Labrador, a black cat, a guinea pig, and a corn snake.  

I grew up in San Antonio, graduating from Judson High School in 1993.  I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1997 with a BA in English and a minor in Secondary Education.  Wreck 'em TECH!  I've taught English for Judson ISD, Pflugerville ISD in Austin, Galena Park ISD in Houston, and now NEISD.  I am super excited to be back in the classroom!


    James Madison High School

     English II Syllabus



    Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. This document serves to inform parents and students about the policies and procedures for English II.


    Course Description:

    English II, the foundational English course for 10th grade students, is composed of genre specific units incorporating the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, including reading/literary study, writing, inquiry and research, listening, speaking, and presenting. The intent of this course is to equip students with the communication and thinking skills essential for success in social, academic (including SAT, ACT and STAAR/EOC) and real-world situations.


    Unit Overview:

    Unit 1 - Literary Nonfiction

    Unit 2 - Informational

    Unit 3 - Fiction

    Unit 4 - Poetry

    Unit 5 - Drama

    Unit 6 - Informational

    Unit 7 - Multimodal Research

    Unit 8 - Literary or Rhetorical Analysis



    • 1 2-pocket folder
    • single subject spiral/composition book
    • College-ruled paper
    • Writing utensils (pens, pencils)
    • Box tissues



    In order to grow literacy and writing skills, students must attend class daily. State law mandates that students may not receive credit for a class unless they attend a minimum of 90% of the days a class is scheduled to meet. This means no more than 9 absences per class, per semester.


    Tardy Policy

    English classes begin immediately at the bell. Any student that arrives after the bell is considered tardy and may be subject to disciplinary action.


    Grading Policy

    Grades are provided to communicate a student’s mastery of the content and skills outlined in the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Grade categories are as follows:


                                                    ELA II

                                                 Daily Work                                 60%

                                                 Assessments/Products                 40%

                                                 Semester Exam                           20%




                                                 Pre AP and GT

                                                 Daily Work                                 40%

                                                 Assessments/Products                 60%

                                                 Semester Exam                           20%


    To ensure students are successful in English II, teachers may elect to re-teach and/or retest based upon the needs of the class or their students. 


    Students may receive one of the following conduct grades on report cards: E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), N (Needs to Improve), or U (Unsatisfactory).  Conduct grades may impact eligibility for exam exemptions per district policy.


    Late Assignments and Absences

    All assignments are critical to learning and MUST be turned in on time.  Assignments that are turned in after the due date will be considered late and may be subject to loss of credit.  Students that are absent will be given one (1) additional day to turn in assignments for each day they are absent. Refer to the district grading policy for further clarification.


    Students wishing to complete an assignment after the deadline must make arrangements with their teacher.  Late work should be completed outside of regular class time, preferably during tutoring.  See teachers for available tutoring times.



    Academic Honesty/Citizenship

    Plagiarism and/or cheating are never tolerated. In situations where students copy work from each other, all students involved may be subject to disciplinary action. If the teacher ascertains that cheating has occurred, students may be subject to loss of credit for their work (receive a “0” on the assignment), a “U” in citizenship, as well as further disciplinary action involving school administrators.  Parents and athletic coaches will be notified of all instances of cheating or plagiarism. 


    Writer’s Notebooks

    A tool instrumental to English II is the Writers’ Notebook.  Anticipate writing in the Writer’s Notebooks every day.  Writer’s Notebooks will remain in the classroom for safe keeping.


    Choice Reading

    James Madison High School English classes include individualized reading lessons.  Literacy research shows benefits of students independently reading a book of their choosing: reading comprehension and vocabulary levels rise, higher scores on tests such as STAAR and SAT are attained, and a love of reading is fostered.  A key component to developing literacy includes reading books in and out of class.  Parent involvement is important to reading success.  Throughout the school year, please preview the books your child selects for individual reading.


    Parent/Teacher Communication

    Email is the best way to communicate with teachers because there are no phones in classrooms. Phone calls made to the front office will be returned by teachers within 24 hrs.  The phone number for the Madison office is 210-356-1400.  Student grades are always available for review on the Parent Link, which is available through the school’s and/or NEISD website.


    English II teacher names and email address are as follows:


    Rachel Bartley    

    Heathcliff Lopez  

    Henry Ramirez    

    John Rodriguez   

    Heather Sargent 

    Erik Schweninger

    Shelly Vickers