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Degrees and Certifications:

The University of Texas at Austin BS-Radio/TV/Film 6-12th English EC-6 Generalist

John Eric Rodriguez

     After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio-TV-Film, I began my career in education in Laredo, Texas.  Many years later, I find myself at Madison High School.  I am eager to start this new adventure in writing and reading.  Hopefully, my knowledge, experiences, and love of writing and literature will inspire students to find adventure, whether in the real world or in the fictional one.

     I consider myself a lifelong reader and writer.  Yes, I read and write for fun.  Having a degree in film, I also love movies for their entertainment and academic value.  I have been an avid gamer since my first Atari which was gifted to me as a child (okay, that makes me old).  Music is also a passion of mine.  Whether making music (I'm a band nerd; saxes all the way) or simply letting it take me places while I sit back and relax to John Coltrane or Led Zeppelin, music is a big part of my life.

     So, let us walk together into the pages that lead us to all the places we want to go and write about our journeys for all to see.



TUE/THURS- 8:05-8:30

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