Dual Credit

  • Dual Credit allows a high school student to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Typically, Academic Dual Credit is awarded through San Antonio College. Career and Technical Dual Credit is awarded through St. Philip’s College, Palo Alto College, and San Antonio College.

    Please be aware that the Dual Credit process is long and takes several steps to complete. It is critical that you read all the information in this handbook so as not to miss something that could determine whether your student qualifies for dual credit or not. Below you will see blue hyperlinks that will connect you with websites and important resources that we are providing. Please click on these blue links for more details. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ ALL PARTS OF THE HANDBOOK!! All the information you need to know is listed below.

    NEISD Dual Credit Information

    2023 Summary of Dual Credit Steps

    2023-24 Anticipated Madison Dual Credit Course List

    NEISD ApplyTexas Handbook 2023-2024  DUE March 24, 2023   

    2023-2024 Madison Academic  Dual Credit Handbook   DUE March 31, 2023

    2023-2024 Madison Dual Credit Checklist 

    Dual Credit Score Requirement Chart

    TSAI2 Registration Form with updated test dates

    Alamo Colleges Dual Credit Consent Form **Turn in a completed hard copy to Ms. Padilla in the counseling office** 

    Talk to your counselor and read the Academic High School Dual Credit Handbook for your school before applying for Dual Credit. Below are the requirements for Dual Credit:

    Step 1: Complete GoApplyTexas Application according to the Apply Texas Handbook.

    Step 2: Review the Dual Credit Handbook - Review the Madison Dual Credit Checklist. Complete and submit the checklist by the posted deadline. 

    Step 3: Review and complete the TSIA (Texas Success Initiative Assessment) Test Prep.

    Step 4: Prepare for and take the TSIA2 Exam or the ACT/SAT in order to qualify for Dual Credit - Once you have taken the TSIA2 and still need more practice, click here for individualized practice.  

    Step 5:  Submit the Dual Credit Checklist (linked in your Dual Credit Handbook) to the Counseling Office by the Deadline  

    The TSIA2 Exam is a state-mandated program designed to help determine if you are ready for college-level course work in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. The program will help you know what type of courses or interventions will assist you to be prepared for college-level course work. Talk to your counselor to find out where to register for your exam. The TSIA2 is an updated version of the same exam and is available in January 2021.


Dual Credit Information

Meet Testing Requirements