• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • All ELAR students at Madison High School come in several times per semester for book talks and to find self selected books for classroom book projects.
  • The Madison Library features many book displays throughout the year to showcase Hispanic Heritage month, New arrivals, holidays, Poetry Month, Holocaust Remembrance, Graphic Novels with a longer storyline.
  • The Madison Library sponsors Book Club and the Bowling Team and co-sponsors the Unity Club. This year the Book Club focused on self selected book titles and celebrating our love for reading! Unity Club’s mission is Promoting Peace, Celebrating Diversity at Madison High School. The Madison Librarian also mentors School Age Parenting Program students and students needing mentorship on campus.
  • The Madison Librarian in conjunction with our campus College Career & Military Readiness Counselor hosted regular college visits and Free Application for Federal Student Aide events for students to get information during FIT time and lunches. These sessions assist students in being prepared for life after high school, entering college.
  • The Madison Library & Librarian strive to meet the needs of students by offering support on school work, mentoring, tutoring time with teacher approval.
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  • Library Orientation with all grade levels was done through ELAR classes game show style and featured Madison HS History. Our game show had categories such as: Library Skills, Madison Facts, Administration, The Madison Library and Research.
  • The creative writing class participated in a Black History Month Gallery Walk and followed it up with a creative writing piece of their choice based on their reflection of the gallery walk.
  • Freshman ELAR I co-teach classes did a guided self selected book project, to help them find success with reading. Students self selected a book, had guided reading times and reflective journal questions that helped guide their book reading before completing their book projects.
  • ELAR III students researched the Roaring 20’s after reading The Great Gatsby and created Google Slide to present vocabulary and culture of the era. Students used district digital resources to find their information and pictures for their presentations that were presented to their peers. The skill focus was for students to merge their understanding of the information they researched to present on topics such as flap dancers, jazz bands, and causes that led to the Great Depression.
  • ELAR III students did scavenger hunts through the digital resources. The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to learn how to navigate the resources from anywhere and determine what resource might be most helpful when doing work or project in any of a student’s classes. Students used this activity to think through where they might navigate to find information.

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Lesson Spotlight



  • Collaborated with Dana Hutchins on Black History Hispanic Heritage and Women's History Interactive Gallery Walks.
  • Collaborated with ELAR teachers to incorporate circles with academic connections. ELAR I students came to the library to participate in academic circles to explore reading of poetry and articles to allow students opportunities to read, analyze literature, and participate in an engaging reading activity with peers.
  • Collaborated with ELAR III on a research project following The Great Gatsby where students developed a Roaring 20’s Google Slides project. ELAR III students read The Great Gatsby and then came to the library to do research on the time period to produce a Google Slides presentation to share with peers on the time period of the Roaring 20’s.
  • Collaborated with AMP teachers to support AMP students success beyond the classroom (online competition space, mock interviews, project based practicum research, and collection development of AMP resources available in the library).
  • Collaborated with campus CCMR to provide additional TSI and ASVAB testing opportunities. Study groups to assist students in preparation for ASVAB, TSI, Pre-SAT, and SATs. We offered college visits on campus in the library during FIT time and lunches throughout the year.

Collaboration Spotlight

Madison cluster librarians began this school year to vertically align our cluster library programs elementary through high school. Elementary, middle, and high school librarians met to discuss skills needed at each level. Working to ensure students are graduating from high school college and career ready, we discussed programming, ways to look at future needs and ways to support and collaborate with our feeder schools. Future goals include cluster reading promotions, high school librarian presentations to middle schools, lesson collaboration and support, and family cluster reading events. Cluster librarians will continue to work on this goal in the 2022/23 school year.


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Campus Leader

  • Lunch and Learn on Eduprotocals
  • Lead a session at an Agricultural Magnet Program Booster Meeting explaining certifications (examples: welding, veterinarian technician, and floral) and the benefit they have for Madison students.
  • Conducted classroom discussions with students regarding the Madison Library and how we serve and advocate for them. Twitter posts and Smore newsletters that went to the community with information on Sora, Book Club, and other library programming.
  • Lead two cohorts throughout the school year that were aimed at being a transformation of the Madison Community through restorative discipline and relationship building. Received the Madison Trinity Prize. Served on the campus Leadership Team, CIC committee, Campus SEL Contact and Foundations Committee.
  • Presented at Learning in the Libraries (Region 20). Attended Texas Library Association, & district library professional development. Presenting professional development sessions allows me to share ideas from the Madison Library program with other librarians and colleagues. Attending professional development helps me keep the library programming at Madison current and meeting the needs of our diverse and changing population.
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