• The study of art in NEISD is a high quality program for elementary and secondary schools. Our goal is for students to develop a personal voice through art-making; their artwork reflecting the solving of a creative challenge.

    Students will understand why they make art rather than just what they are making or how they are making it. This initiates learning at a higher level and enhances learning in other content areas. Student artists are guided in their personal discovery of the visual arts through the study of art and artists of different cultures and periods.

    Participating in art activities and studies will help students gain an understanding of self, others, and the environment. Through art education students develop visual literacy, increase critical and creative thinking processes that help them articulate and solve problems in a variety of ways, and learn to view art as a reflection of society.

    Courses Offered

    • Art 1, 5511
    • Art 1 Honors, 5512
    • Art 2 Honors, 5524
    • Ceramics 3-4, 5522, 5548
    • Drawing 2-4, 5521, 5531, 5541
    • Painting 2-4, 5525, 5535, 5545
    • Photography 2-3, 5571, 5508*
    • Ceramics 2, 5522
    • Digital Art & Media 2, 5572
    • Dual Credit Art Appreciation, 5520
    • AP History of Art, 5499
    • AP Studio Art Drawing, 5502
    • AP Studio Art 2D Design, 5510
    • AP Studio Art 3D Design, 5549

     *Offered at selective campuses. Please contact your school for more information.


    North East Independent School District offers courses in Fine Arts Visual Art. These courses are not a part of a separate extra-curricular organization, but competition and exhibition opportunities are available and encouraged. Students have the opportunity to explore visual art and receive a Fine Arts credit towards graduation requirements. All students 9th-12th grade are eligible for our Fine Arts Visual Art classes and are encourage to sign-up. Students may be asked to pay an art lab fee or purchase an art packet of supplies.


    Fine Arts Visual Art students are expected to work on visual art projects daily and include their artworks in school and/or public exhibitions. Participation in competitions is also encouraged.

Additional Information