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    Every NEISD campus has a Registered Nurse (RN) ready to aide your student. Additionally, Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Clinic Assistants (CAs), supervised by the RN, are at designated campuses. 

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Clinic News

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    School nurses are a primary resource in recognizing and managing student´s health problems. School nurses have the professional education and expertise to function successfully in the separate complete systems of education and health care. NEISD school nurses are committed to each student´s individual development and safety.

  • What do we do my child's doctor wants he/she to use crutches/wheelchair/or the elevator while at school? 

  • Where can we find the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and the schools?

  • What do we need to know about our child taking medications or special accomodation while at school?  

  • When can we can bring our students medications and medical supplies to the clinic? 

  • Tips for Parents/Guardians prior to bringing medications to the clinic:

    1)Medications are to be brought in by an approved adult over the age of 18yrs old, current physicians orders, properly labeled medication container, non-expired medication.  

    2)Medications are not be brought in by students or carried on their person.  Exception to this are those students who have physicians orders to self carry emergency medications such as an inhaler, epinephrine injection, or diabetes medication who has also received approval from the nurse.