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Ms. Gutierrez

  • Astronomy

    Teacher: Ms. Gutierrez                                                                  Room: D-06

    Conference: 2nd Period                                                                 My Lunch: 5th Period


    Tutoring: Tuesday after school & Thursday before school

    E-mail:         ****best way to contact me*****


    Materials Needed for Class:

    • Pencils (mechanical is okay)
    • Pen
    • 2 Composition books minimum 80 pages
    • Glue sticks or Glue



       Astronomy is a year-long course in which we will explore our Universe. We will focus heavily on projects, research, and observations. Our course will include historical aspects of astronomy all the way up to cutting edge science. We will learn about and participate in current research while having a great time.



    The Origin of the Universe

    The Earth’s Place


    Role of the Moon

     Timeline of Astronomy

    Role of the Sun

     Movements across the Sky

    Characteristics of Planets

     Reasons for the Seasons

    Discovering Space and Life


    Life & Death of Stars



    Current information & Assignments

    • Current information & Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom and on Skyward.
    • If you do not find the information you are looking for please email me


    Course objectives:

    • Gain a better understanding of our place in the Universe
    • Explore the historical importance Astronomy
    • Gain an understanding of the current state of research in Astronomy
    • Contribute to current research in Astronomy
    • Posses a working knowledge of the sky above




       I employ a variety of techniques to evaluate and challenge my students. Techniques include but are not limited to: projects, word problems, multiple choice, true/false, and completion questions. Research and presentations will be assigned and evaluated primarily for scientific content and thought processes. Any course material the student produces (including notes) may be used on cumulative tests.


    Categories and Percentages

    Tests                   30%

    Labs/Projects    30%

    Quiz                     20%

    Hw/CW                20%


    Total     100%


    Students should expect homework regularly in class.  This WILL include research, observations, and completion of class assignments not finished within the allotted class time. Homework is late if it is not completed before the beginning of the due class.


    • Each unit of instruction will include research and/or presentations. Most classwork activities will be done cooperatively with either an assigned partner or in groups.
    • Observation Logs will be required and graded each grading period
    • Most assignments will be turned in online or presented in class. Please indicate your full name, class period, and date.
    • LATE WORK: Work is late if it is not completed before the beginning of the assigned due class period. Late work will be accepted until the material it covers has been assessed or until the next progress report cutoff date (in accordance with district policy. All late work will have a 20% penalty.)

    Student Responsibilities:

    Remember only you are responsible for the outcome in this class. If you CHOOSE to succeed you will find a way. If you CHOOSE to fail you will find a way. It is the CHOICE you make that determines the outcome.


    Guidelines for success in this class

    • Choose to do your best.
    • Listen respectfully to the teacher and other students.
    • Follow all school rules
    • Follow all of the teachers’ directions.
    • READ
    • If you are having trouble TALK to me. I can help.


    Students who are unable to follow these basic requirements will find that they will have a very hard time completing assigned work and passing this course.

    1. Student warning
    2. Student conference
    3. Parent phone call
    4. Office Referral



    • No phones unless instructed
    • I prefer they are put away, but if you have out they must be face-down.


    If you choose not to follow phone rules...

    1. I will give a warning
    2. I will take your phone! Then I will conference with you and call parent.
    3. I will take phone and turn in to AP office along with office referral


Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (8:45-9:36)       Earth & Space Science
    2nd Period (9:42-10:35)    Conference
    3rd Period (10:41-11:30)   Earth & Space
    4th Period (11:36-12:25)   Lunch
    5th Period (12:31-1:20)     Earth & Space
    6th Period (1:26-2:15)       Astronomy
    7th Period (2:21-3:10)       Astronomy
    8th Period (3:16-4:05)       Earth & Space