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    PARENT NIGHT! Click here for Mr. Cummings' parent video regarding AP Chemistry.



    2020-2021 School Year

    Class Schedule and ALL Links:

    1st Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    2nd Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    3rd Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    5th Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}

    6th Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}
    (11:35am - 1:05pm)

    7th Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}

    1st Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    *Lunch A (11:10am-11:40am)*

    2A Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    3rd Period: AP Chemistry {Mon/Wed/Fri}

    4th Period: Conference (2:25pm-3:25pm)


    5th Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}

    6C Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}

    *Lunch C*

    7th Period: AP Chemistry {Tues/Thur}

About Teacher

Phone: 210-356-1400


Degrees and Certifications:

Teacher Certification: Secondary Science Composite

Mr. Robert Cummings


Hello!  My name is Robert Cummings, and I am the AP Chemistry teacher at James Madison High School. This is my fourteenth year teaching Mavericks. I was born and raised in wonderful San Antonio and now live just outside the city. I am passionate about sports and love to play an occasional poker game. Aside from my wonderful wife and beautiful daughters, I spend a good chunk of my time writing in the genre of fantasy. I published a tetralogy called THE SAGA OF SORDIC that is available for download on all e-reader outlets. One last fun fact about me is that I have an abnormal obsession with roosters. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

We will have a great time exploring science and chemistry in class together. Please scroll up for important links supporting remote learning.