Madison Orchestra Classes

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday  Classes (Links in Google Classroom)

    Orchestra Chamber Period 1:  10:00am-11:00am 

    Orchestra Philharmonic Period 2A:  11:50am-12:50pm

    Orchestra Concert Period 3;  1:15pm-2:15pm

    AP Music Theory Period 4;  2:25pm-3:25pm

    Tuesday/Thursday Classes (Links in Google Classroom)

            Orchestra Sinfonia Period 6A:  12:20pm-1:50pm

    Orchestra Concertino Period 7:   1:55pm-3:25pm

Tutoring Schedule

  • Monday and Friday Mornings 

    8am-9am (See Google Classroom for link)

    Monday and Friday Afternoon 

    3:30pm-4:30pm (See Google Classroom for link)


  • Online Orchestra Classes begin on August 17th.

    Do you need a school instrument or instrument locker?  Click to complete this form.  Instrument Locker and Rental Survey

    Materials needed for online instruction:

    1) Instrument

    2) Electronic Device such as a laptop, chromebook, desktop (w mic), or smartphone (smartphones may not always work with recordings.

    3) Updated Chrome browser

    4) Charms App on phone OR internet access to Charmsoffice.com

         5)  Headphones, mic, and video camera


    More specific dates for each orchestra can be found in the Handbook on CHARMS or on the calendar tab of this website.

Upcoming Events

About the Orchestra Director

Mr. Don Bustos

Phone: 356-1490


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music Education All Level Instrumental Music

Mr. Don Bustos

Some facts about me: ♦ I have been teaching orchestra in the public schools for over 25 years.♦ My primary instrument is the cello; my secondary instrument is the piano.  ♦ El Paso Symphony Cellist (91-2003)♦ Symphony of the Hills Cellist (current)♦ I graduated from the Baylor School of Music.♦ My family plays stringed instruments.♦ I visit my hometown of El Paso as often as possible.     


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