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  • Teacher Night Video - 15 September 2020

     (In case you're joining us for the first time this Spring)


    Mrs. McKimmie's Classes:

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

    Geometry Per. 1 -   10am-11am 

    Geometry Per. 2C - 11:10am-12:10pm

    Geometry Per. 3 -   1:15pm-2:15pm

    Geometry Per. 4 -   2:25pm-3:25pm


    Tuesday and Thursday:

    Geometry Per. 6C - 11:35am-1:05pm 

    Geometry Per. 7 -   1:55pm-3:25pm 



    Monday Afternoon   3:30pm-4:30pm

    Tuesday Morning     8:45am-9:45am

    Tuesday Afternoon  3:30pm-4:30pm

    Wednesday Morning 8:45am-9:45am

     -- And by appointment --

    Please see the Additional Resources Tab to the left for this year's Syllabus and Conduct Code.



Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Mathematics, William Carey University

Mrs. Jennifer McKimmie

Welcome to my class!  What a year! I will miss not getting to meet you all on the first day, but am SO EXCITED to meet you in whatever way I am able!  I love teaching and am very optimistic concerning this year and all the special "new norms" that we're all adjusting to.  We are constantly learning and improving ourselves - myself included - so I hope you can see this year in a positive light as I do.  A little about me: I am the proud spouse of a retired veteran, and mother of a recent Madison graduate who is serving in the US Army.  I have had the great priviledge of living in several countries, including Japan, Germany, Egypt, and Italy; and visiting over a dozen others.  I bring not only exciting math content to the classroom, but also anecdotes comprised of world-travels, cultural revelations and interesting sites.  I have a profound love for animals and bugs (yes... bugs!), and a deep conection with all things musical.  My hobbies include writing novels and poetry (no... I'm not famous, nor likely to be), attending concerts, symphonies and plays, circuit training (just beginning) and drawing fantasy art.

This school year I have the great pleasure of Co-Teaching Geometry, all sections.


Please click on the link and enter the appropriate class period code: Google Classroom

Period 1 (all sections) - 6egvy3f

Period 2 (all sections) - nxeaaih

Period 3 (all sections) - ha36be5

Period 4 (all sections) - uhubm4n

Period 5 - MY LUNCH - no class

Period 6 (all sections) - fgllqpi

Period 7 (all sections) - ekw35mi

DELTA MATH Link/code: Delta Math / 756869

What's Coming Up?

Class Schedule

  • My Schedule - 2020-2021

    • Monday / Wednesday / Friday
    • 1st  Period   10:00am - 11:00am    Geometry / Co-Teach 
      2nd Period   11:10am - 12:10pm    Geometry / Co-Teach
      3rd  Period   1:15pm - 2:15pm       Geometry / Co-Teach
      4th  Period   2:25pm - 3:24pm       Geometry / Co-Teach
    • Tuesday / Thursday 
      5th  Period    10:00am-11:30am    Planning / Conference
      6th  Period    11:35am - 1:05pm    Geometry / Co-Teach
      7th  Period    1:55pm - 3:25pm      Geometry / Co-Teach