Create - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Activity: Narrated Slideshow (60-90 minutes)

  • Debrief the Gather Phrase (15 minutes)

    Revisit the research questions from the Identify phase. Students may use the information in their research journals to answer as many questions as they can. Unanswered questions may be explored further as a class using available resources.

    Narrated Slide(s) / Time: 45 minutes

    App: Educreations 

    1. Pairs of students will choose an iPad photograph they took that shows something they learned.
    2. Students will write a short "script" for their slide(s) using sentence stems for support (see handout for examples).
    3. Students will narrate the slide and should mention the sources they used for their research.

  • To Do 

    Download Educreations app to iPads  (free app as of 2/20/15) Note: Publishing requires a free account

  • Resources

    Sample Sentence Stems 


    Educreations app (or other app such as Seesaw, Adobe Spark)

    Sentence stem handout

Mrs. Longoria's Class Research (Olmos)

Phase: Create
  • This phase is intended to:

    Encourage students to demonstrate understanding of the information gathered, and synthesize into an appropriate format.

    Key ideas:

    • Allow student choice in tool/presentation
    • Use an appropriate mode of delivery, based on the topic and audience
    • Consider written, oral, and multimodal