Connect and Explore - Energize



  • View video (3 minutes)

    Connect with Energy Exploratory stations (60-90 minutes)

    Teacher/Librarian Materials: 

    • Explore Energy Cards printed out for each station
    • Set up stations in advance with materials/resources listed on each card


    Divide students into groups among 5 stations of exploratory activities that focus on the 5 forms of energy being studied (Mechanical, Light, Thermal, Sound, Electricity). 

    Students will rotate through each stations as they complete the Explore Energy Card challenges including the “Show Your Thinking” portion of the card. 

    Explore with Digital Resources (45-60 minutes)

    Teacher/Librarian Materials: 


    Instruct students that they will be picking 3 forms of energy to explore more deeply. 

    Pick 3 Explore Sheet - Students rotate through 3 of the energy resource areas spending approximately 10 minutes taking notes.

    Students spend 5 minutes completing the back of the Pick 3 Explore Sheet. 

    Conclude with a class discussion, or small group discussions, on what students thought was the most essential energy form and why.


Phase: Connect & Explore
  • This phase is intended to:

    Connect students to the topic and spark their interest in learning more.

    Key ideas:

    • Activate background knowledge
    • Build curiosity
    • Allow time for further topic exploration independently or in small groups
    • Begin questioning