Connect and Explore - Scientific Breakthroughs

metal tubs and tubes


  • Exploration Stations

    Introduction: Dress up like a scientist. Challenge students to name a scientific discovery or invention that they think has changed their lives, or lives for people in our community. 

    Today's goals:

    1. To learn about three scientific breakthroughs you may or may not have thought about. They are vaccinations, pasteurization, and computers.
    2. To ask questions about how those breakthroughs have IMPACTED people.”

    At each station students will view a video, write some key words, and read a short article about the topic. Record your thoughts on this SeeThinkWonder sheet… 

    • What words do you SEE? Do you know the meanings of any of them?  
    • What do you THINK (what do you already know) about what you hear and read? and 
    • What do you WONDER (questions you might have or things you want to know more about).”

    Allow students to choose which Station/Table they will start at. Give them 10 minutes to do the activity at that seat. After 5 minutes have passed, have students rotate to the next seat and do a different activity. 

Phase: Connect & Explore
  • This phase is intended to:

    Connect students to the topic and spark their interest in learning more.

    Key ideas:

    • Activate background knowledge
    • Build curiosity
    • Allow time for further topic exploration independently or in small groups
    • Begin questioning

Station Materials