Share & Reflect - Where in the World Are We?

2 girls looking at a map


  • Activity: Share Maps/Reflection

    Student Sharing: 

    Students share their maps with their table group. Each listening peer tells the student one thing they liked about their presentation.

    Teacher/librarian will walk around to listen to presentations so you can give positive feedback to the students.  

    Group Reflection: Bring students back to the questions that they created during the Investigate and Gather phase.

    • How are maps made?
    • Who draws maps?
    • Why do we use maps?
    • How do we use maps?

    Can we answer these questions now? How do we know the answers to these questions? What resources did we use?

    Reflect on the research process.  What was your favorite part?  Was it easy?  What was hard?  

    Student Reflection Sheet (optional)

Phase: Share & Reflect
  • This phase is intended to:

    Allow students to share with an audience for an authentic purpose. 

    Student reflection should include:

    • their own learning
    • the inquiry process
    • encourage further inquiry, when appropriate