Create - Energize

person thinking of ideas


  • Time needed: 40 minutes

    Teacher/Librarian Materials: 


    Part 1:  Brainstormer!

    Students will brainstorm ideas for inventions that utilize the energy type they researched. Students are allowed to modify/improve existing inventions or create an entirely new invention. Students should focus on the Two Vs (Volume and Variety). NO magic allowed in these inventions. (15 minutes)

    Part 2:  Diagram It!

    Students will Circle the one invention that would best showcase their energy or solve a problem.

    Using the handout, students will diagram their invention. The diagram should include a title, labels of important parts, and captions explaining the parts and how the parts work with energy.

    Part 3:  Script It!

    Students will prepare a written script to inform and persuade their audience about why their invention is an improvement over prior tools, and why their energy source is the most valuable.  This could be done with a Seesaw video or in a Shark Tank format where student pitch their idea to a panel of experts (refer to article for more information). 

    Part 4:  Prototype It! (optional)

    Students will use everyday objects to create a 3-dimensional prototyple of their invention to use in their pitch. 


Phase: Create
  • This phase is intended to:

    Encourage students to demonstrate understanding of the information gathered, and synthesize into an appropriate format.

    Key ideas:

    • Allow student choice in tool/presentation
    • Use an appropriate mode of delivery, based on the topic and audience
    • Consider written, oral, and multimodal