Investigate and Gather - Discovering Where We Live

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    Today, boys and girls, you are going to become detectives searching through resources to gather information about bodies of water.  Resources might be books, magazines, or digital resources on a computer.  Today, when we investigate and gather, we will be using books and a digital resource called Pebble Go.  

    We will be using note-taking sheets to write words or draw pictures to answer the questions we have about our water source.  While you are gathering answers, you may start to wonder about something else.  You can certainly research that answer.  


Phase: Investigate & Gather
  • This phase is intended to:

    Allow students to develop question/s of personal interest and have time to gather relevant information to answer the question/s.

    Key ideas:

    • Encourage authentic questions (connected to real life, real world problems)
    • Assist students in refining/revising questions (6th-12th)
    • Encourage use of primary and secondary sources
    • Note taking 
    • Cite sources


  • Body of Water cards - use these to facilitate students selecting a topic to research

    Students will work with a partner. Have students select topics and teachers pair students prior to this part of the lesson.

    Notetaking sheet