Connect and Explore - Discovering Where We Live




    Before labeling, look at the pictures and have students turn and talk to a neighbor to describe the pictures and why each water is that type. 

    Students individually or in pairs label the bodies of water.  

    Model questioning with students

    Ask students what they wonder about bodies of water.  Begin with a sentence stem, “I wonder …” Record questions on a white board. Guide students to relevant questions that can be used when students are investigating and gathering. 

Phase: Connect & Explore
  • This phase is intended to:

    Connect students to the topic and spark their interest in learning more.

    Key ideas:

    • Activate background knowledge
    • Build curiosity
    • Allow time for further topic exploration independently or in small groups
    • Begin questioning


  • Body of Water cards - use these to facilitate students selecting a topic to research. Have students select topics and teachers pair students prior to the next part of the lesson.