Investigate and Gather - Energize

How to Ask Good Questions


  • View video and clarify expectations for student questions (5  minutes)

    Teacher/Librarian Materials: 

    Students will add 2 additional questions for the form of energy they have chosen to research.

    After teacher or librarian has approved questions, students will use available resources to research and take notes on the 3 questions. 


Phase: Investigate & Gather
  • This phase is intended to:

    Allow students to develop question/s of personal interest and have time to gather relevant information to answer the question/s.

    Key ideas:

    • Encourage authentic questions (connected to real life, real world problems)
    • Assist students in refining/revising questions (6th-12th)
    • Encourage use of primary and secondary sources
    • Note taking 
    • Cite sources