Share and Reflect - Energize


  • Teacher/Librarian Materials:

    Time needed: 20 minutes

    Option 1:  Students will create a Seesaw video describing their invention in order to inform their audience about the importance of their energy source. In addition, they will try to persuade the audience that their invention is an improvement over current tools. Students will upload their video to Seesaw. 

    Option 2: Students will be given one slide to use to pitch their idea to the Shark Tank.  The article provides tips for using this model to present research.  

    Reflection:  After students complete their project and share, students will reflect on the Energize research using Energy Project Reflection Form and/or the Inquiry rubric

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Phase: Share & Reflect
  • This phase is intended to:

    Allow students to share with an audience for an authentic purpose. 

    Student reflection should include:

    • their own learning
    • the inquiry process
    • encourage further inquiry, when appropriate