Share and Reflect - Scientific Breakthroughs

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  • Share

    Students will have an opportunity to share their videos with classmates, in a small group or large group format.

    Share the rubric with students and help them reflect on the inquiry process.  Use the criteria along the left side of the rubric to guide discussion, allowing students to self-assess.  


    Connect with community members that are from other cultures or have ties to other cultures.  Invite them to visit the library and share how food safety/preservation, medicine/vaccines, computers, and other scientific breakthroughs have impacted their culture.  Encourage students to connect with their inquiry, based on their own community. 



Phase: Share & Reflect
  • This phase is intended to:

    Allow students to share with an audience for an authentic purpose. 

    Student reflection should include:

    • their own learning
    • the inquiry process
    • encourage further inquiry, when appropriate