• Jobs! Kindergarten - 1st grade Research Unit


Baker making bread

Essential Questions

  • Why are jobs important?

    Why do people work?

    What tools do people use in their jobs?

TEKS Addressed


    Student expectations:  

    19(A) ask questions about topics of class-wide interest;

    19(B) decide what sources or people in the classroom, school, library, or home can answer these questions;

    20(A) gather evidence from provided text sources; 20(B) use pictures in conjunction with writing when documenting research


    Social Studies TEKS

    Student expectations:

    7(A) identify jobs in the home, school, and community;

    7(B) explain why people have jobs;

    14(A) obtain information about a topic using a variety of valid oral sources such as conversationsinterviews, and music;

    14(B) obtain information about a topic using a variety of valid visual sources such as pictures, symbols, electronic media, print material, and artifacts;

    14(C) sequence and categorize information;

    15(A) express ideas orally based on knowledge and experiences;

    15(B) create and interpret visualsincluding pictures and maps


    Technology Applications TEKS, K-2

    Student Expectations:

    1(B) create original products using a variety of resources;

    1(D) create and execute steps to accomplish a task; and

    2(B) use research skills to build a knowledge base regarding a topic, task, or assignment;

    5(C) practice the responsible use of digital information regarding intellectual property, including software, text, images, audio, and video.