Create - Colonial Times

student working on iPad


  • Narrated Slide(s) / Time: 30 minutes

    App: Show Me

    1. Students will choose an iPad photograph they took that shows something they learned.
    2. Students will write a short "script" for their slide(s) using word sprinkles and/or academic vocabulary from a chart or Google doc.
    3. Students will narrate the slide.
    4. [Optional: Students can take a picture of their source page to add to the Show Me presentation on a second slide.]

    Management tip: If students are going to be paired or will work in groups, they will need to have used the same iPad during the Gather stage.

    For assessment criteria, see the "Evaluate" tab.

    Show me app icon

Phase: Create
  • This phase is intended to:

    Encourage students to demonstrate understanding of the information gathered, and synthesize into an appropriate format.

    Key ideas:

    • Allow student choice in tool/presentation
    • Use an appropriate mode of delivery, based on the topic and audience
    • Consider written, oral, and multimodal