Create - Scientific Breakthroughs

woman holding child getting a shot


  • Activity 

    Students will use the storyboard template to write up their movie script for one of their THICK questions, imitating the format of reading and answering a letter in a BrainPop video.

    • The first square in template is the letter - Dear ___, Question, From, a friend. 
    • The second square should include a quick sketch of a picture to help answer their question, with the first part of their answer (2-3 sentences)
    • The third square should include a different picture and the rest of their information.  
    • Storyboards should be checked by an adult before student can begin creating movie in BrainPop.  

    Provide Make a movie directions for each table group.  Each student can make their own movie using their storyboard. 

Phase: Create
  • This phase is intended to:

    Encourage students to demonstrate understanding of the information gathered, and synthesize into an appropriate format.

    Key ideas:

    • Allow student choice in tool/presentation
    • Use an appropriate mode of delivery, based on the topic and audience
    • Consider written, oral, and multimodal