• Coach Rourke - Lifetime Wellness and Nutrition

  • Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness: 1/2 Credit         Grades: 9-12          Room:  GA 122  

    Course Description: Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness is a laboratory course that allows students to use principles of lifetime wellness  and nutrition to help them make informed choices that promote wellness as well as pursue careers related to hospitality and tourism, education and training, human services, and health sciences

    In this course students will explore:

    • Nutrients
    • Disordered Eating
    • Exercise
    • Food Label
    • Digestion & Metabolism
    • Safety & Sanitation
    • Food Allergies
    • Table Manners
    • Food Groups
    • Food Labs
    • Cultures
    • Careers  

    Required Materials/Supplies:

    • 1 Roll of Paper Towels
    • 1 Folder
    • BLUE or BLACK pen, Pencil
    • Loose-leaf paper (Let’s keep it neat, no spiral edges on turned in work)

    Daily Work can be accessed through Google Classroom