• Lady Rattler Track and Field

    Discipline, Integrity, Humility

    Coach McHugh’s Philosophy

    With track as the platform, I have the opportunity to positively impact young people and help to shape strong, independent, character-rich, and resilient young women. Through track, I can teach humility in victory and pride, even in defeat—a lesson applicable one’s entire life.

    Importantly, I value track for what it can give an athlete: discipline, self-sacrifice, strength in adversity, and an understanding of, and commitment to, something greater than one’s self.

    I believe in the refinement forged through struggle. As pure gold, put into the fire, is proven pure, so, too, are we when we face adversity and rise above. Track will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

    Tangible victories are never guaranteed; however, when the focus lies on that which is truly important, victory is inevitable.


    We Stand For


    • Being ambassadors for Reagan High, not only in the halls of the school but in our homes, in the community, and on social media.
    • Treating our school, peers, teachers, and parents with respect.
    • Valuing hard work and a positive attitude.
    • Loving the sacrifices we are making to win and knowing that that attitude will transfer to other areas of our lives.
    • Supporting our teammates and recognizing that we are part of something bigger than the individual.
    • Committing to giving only our best no matter the circumstance—when our best means an easy victory, or conversely, when it isn’t good enough to win.
    • Displaying integrity as athletes and young women. 


    We Will Not Stand For


    • Missing practice
    • Arriving to practice/meets unprepared
    • Lacking commitment in effort
    • Disrespecting the school and its faculty/staff
    • Displaying a negative attitude toward practice, teammates, and/or the program
    • Misusing social media
    • Using Alcohol or drugs
    • Behaving in a way that reflects negatively on the reputation of RRTF
    • Allowing fear to dictate one’s performance