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Gigi Heyland Franklin, RN

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Graduate of Churchill High School (19??) and Trinity University.

Mom of 4 boys.

Tripp, graduated from Reagan in 2003, the first class to attend all 4 years and is also a graduate of Texas State University. He is married to Aly, who is a teacher at Tuscany Heights. They have 2 wonderful children, Layla and Webb.

Chase, also graduated from Reagan in 2005 and from UTSA in 2011. He is currently a firefighter. He married Katie, a dental hygienist, in 2011 and they have a 2 beautiful children, Gabi and Witten.

Lance is another Reagan graduate from the year 2008 and happily married to Emily! He is gainfully employeed with a private detective company and very happy!!! He still loves his guitar and his music.

Ty is a Tarleton State University graduate, living in Dallas working for Camp Gladiator. I was so sad when he graduated and left me childless at Reagan. Good thing I have my other 3500+ kiddos here to keep me company!!! 

I have been at Reagan since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Reagan's time). I LOVE my job and hope to be here for many, many more years!!!!



PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE UNIT - Santa Rosa Children's Hospital