• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • The Reagan Readers student book club came together to play games, talk about favorite books, and choose a genre to read together. Over 20 students regularly meet to share their love of reading.
  • The library fired up the hot glue gun and celebrated homecoming with spirit ribbons! Students picked a button, added ribbons, and donned their school spirit!
  • To celebrate our namesake, a jelly bean guessing contest was held in the library on Ronald Reagan’s birthday, February 6th. One student and one teacher enjoyed winning approximately 600 jelly beans!
  • The librarian hid several leprechauns around campus for teachers to find and return to the library to claim their “pot of gold.” Having fun with colleagues fosters a culture of camaraderie and kindness.
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  • English II students are required to read a nonfiction book during the first semester. Classes explored nonfiction titles organized into 15 different topics in a “book tasking” format.
  • Students in Mrs. Scott’s Principles of Law classes researched infamous serial killers throughout history. Information regarding background, crimes, sentencing, and such was presented on a Google slide presentation.
  • Students in AP Government with Mrs. Nessler and Mrs. Newton participated in a lesson where they read an article about federalism and organized the information using the List/Sort/Label protocol. This strategy helps students practice organizing lengthy pieces of text when they have to write a timed essay.
  • Students in on-level Eng III classes approached their problem/solution research and essay based on a potential career field. The librarian provided instructions on accessing the databases and using Learning Express to search for career information.

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Lesson Spotlight

Mrs. Bieniek and Ms. Gudowski worked together to facilitate a lesson for Art I Honors students to focus on art that reflects the juxtaposition of Humans and Their Environment. To open the study, students completed the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) protocol using Duke Riley’s plastic scrimshaw No. 34. Then, in groups, students completed a matching of objects and places to create degrees of juxtaposition. Students studied how other artists, such as Bansky, Andy Goldsworthy, and Georgia O’Keefe, produce works that demonstrate juxtaposition between humans and their environment. Finally, students thought about their own artwork, considering the skills and ideas reflected in the results of the artists they researched and the concepts taught by their teacher and librarian. Reflecting on Duke Riley’s masterpiece, students created their artworks, shown in the accompanying photo.



  • The librarian collaborated with the CCMR specialist to provide handouts about Learning Express for parents at Greenback Night. Handouts addressed which tests and skills Learning Express covers and how to access information.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Family Specialist, AVID teacher, and ITS to familiarize teachers with their locations and services. Teachers participated in a scavenger hunt-like activity around the campus, which benefited new and returning teachers.
  • After booking a visit by Rose Sherman, a Holocaust survivor, the librarian helped Mrs. Albrecht promote the event so that students could attend the presentation. Rose’s visit was well-attended, with approximately 900 audience members.
  • The Tiny Art Show is a favorite annual event in the library! Collaborating with Art NHS, students pick up to-go kits, paint on a 4x4 canvas, and return their mini-masterpiece to the library for display in honor of Youth Art Month.

Collaboration Spotlight

The librarian and visual arts teachers worked together to present an evening showcase for parents and community members to view artwork students submitted to the State VASE competition. Students put forth tremendous effort in the work they choose to submit to VASE. Students felt pride by seeing their artwork displayed in a museum-like setting and enjoyed by community members, parents, and faculty. This event quickly becomes a favorite tradition because it features award-winning artwork not typically available for public viewing. One student, known to be quite shy, said, “I’m glad I took a risk to show my work.”


collage of artwork

Campus Leader

  • The librarian provided training about Learning Express as a resource for testing preparation, college and career interests, and necessary job skills to faculty members. Following the training, teachers signed up to meet with the librarian for more information or to schedule an introductory lesson for their students. A follow up training was provided in the Spring.
  • The librarian co-sponsors the NHS campus chapter to foster a culture of growth, service, and leadership among upper-class students who academically achieve. Eight or more monthly service events allow NHS members to complete required service hours in our local community.
  • The library hosted a Lunch ‘n Learn event for parents to learn about drug trends. Speakers included the Reagan and Johnson STEM counselors and NEPD officers.
  • The librarian shared statistics with the Reagan community at the end of each semester. These snapshots advocate for the library by providing a view of library visits, book checkouts, class instruction, and collection development.
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