• GT & Honors Geometry         Algebra II

    Tests 45%                                                                            Tests 70%

    Quizzes 25%                                                                        Quizzes 20%

    Homework 10%                                                                    Homework 10%

    Class Activities 10%                          

    HOTS Projects 10%


    Semester Grades

    40% Quarter 1 (Fall), Quarter 3 (Spring)

    40% Quarter 2 (Fall), Quarter 4 (Spring)

    20% Final Exam each semester


    Students may qualify for a school exemption for final exams.  NEISD exam exemption guidelines will be followed and can be found on the district web cite.  They will also be posted in class.  When a final is exempted, the 2 corresponding quarters become weighted 50/50.


    Grading Scale:

    90-100% A

    80-90% B

    70-79% C

    Below 70% is failing


    Credit Protection will be offered to those students between 60-69% at the end of quarters 1 and  3 and information will be sent home to those whom it applies to.

    Credit Recovery will be offered to those students between 60-69% at the end of quarters 2 and 4 and information will be sent home with those to whom it applies to.

    GT and honors classes receive a multiplier on the course average for each semester in their grade point average & class rank.

    GT students are expected to maintain a 80% of higher in all GT classes or may be put on probation or removed from the GT program.


    Late Work:

    Assignments are considered LATE if not turned in when collected during that class period.  Assignments turned in after collected in class (even if it is the same day or period) are considered LATE

    Late work will only be accepted until the Unit Test covering that material.  NO late work will be accepted after the test.

    A 20% deduction will be assigned for all late work.  For example, a grade of 100 will be recorded as an 80.

    Re-Test Policy:

    Any student may choose to retake a unit test that they have failed at any point BEFORE the next unit test is given.  All retests need to be completed in tutoring during normal tutoring hours.  When recording the retest grade, the highest of the test grades will be recorded for a maximum grade of 70.  The student MUST do a tutoring session with me or show me corrections before they will be allowed to retest.

    Honesty Policy:

    All quizzes, tests, and projects (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher) are to be completed individually and with out cell phones.  Any cell phone out during a test/quiz/project results in an automatic ZERO regardless of what they were doing on the phone.  Homework may be worked on collaborative as long as each student is contributing and DOING THEIR OWN WORK (NO COPYING!!)  Any student caught cheating will receive a ZERO for the assignment and written up per Madison Academic Dishonesty Policy.  These zeros CANNOT be made up.


    School Supplies:                   Home supplies (to do homework)

    3-Ring binder (2")                                         Calculator (phone or computer one is fine)

    Packet of 5 dividers                                       Protractor

    Notebook paper                                            Compass

    Pencils                                                         Ruler

    Eraser                                                          Paper

    Box of Tissues                                              Pencils & Paper