• Course   Description: The   Advanced   Placement   program   enables   students   to   pursue   college -level   work   while   still   in   high   school.   The   course   is  geared   to   highly   motivated   students   who   are   seriously  interested in producing artwork in 2D media or Drawing Media. 

     Focus   will   be   on   the   development   of  an   original   portfolio.   The   portfolio   is   submitted   to   the   College   Board   at   the   conclusion   of   the   course.  

    Prerequisites: One   credit   of   any   Level   II   course   recommended

    Special   Notes: Art   students   will   be   required to pay   a   supply   fee   for   purchase   of   special   materi als. 

    2019-2020 Summer Assignments

    Words of Wisdom submitted from 2018-2019 AP Students:

    AP Student Great memory from this year. 
    Some words of wisdom for future AP Students
    Jesus Reyes, 2019 Walking every day to this class it’s so fun:(
    Jasmine Mitchell, 2019 The art field trip
    Don’t procrastinate. Be sure to commit to your sustained investigation idea.
    Aisha Lee, 2019 “if you live your life intimidated you’re gonna miss out on a lot of opportunities. You’re good live in your truth. You got this.” -Overheard quote from Mrs. Cardenas
    Don’t stress yourself out! Spend time on your work, you’ll thank yourself later. Stay positive, and remember that art is never finished, just due.
    Emiliano 2019 When I showed you my final portfolio
    Don’t give up ever, and just draw your ideas
    Haynes, Emily-Marie 2019 The whole year was pretty great, especially after I finished my concentration
    It doesnt matter what literally anyone says about your art. What I mean by that is criticism is good and extremely important but your art wont be for everyone and everyone wont understand it. That's okay, keep going.
    Deborah Cervantes, 2019 Going to the Portfolio day trip! It was great and fun! You can see how there’s different and amazing talent by others
    Always be organized! It’s time management that will get you through this class, you get a lot of time so use it wisely.
    Delaney Tieso, 2018-2019 “Everyone has an onion” - me to Mrs. Cardenas’ opinion conversation
    Prepare prepare prepare. Come into the class prepared with a good concentration already planned and ready to go. This isn’t a class that you can bs at last minute. You need to be productive.
    Karla AnaMarie every single moment in this class I loved with all my heart.
    why be here if not to live with an unreasonable passion for things.
    Kathryne, 2019 “I need a pickle” -Miss Cardenas
    Don’t waste time getting stuck on a concept. Push through, you have limited time and you mustn’t waste any. Continue to draw, to sketch. Be loose. Take critque’s with a grain of salt, but listen to see how your piece can grow. Try some mediums you don’t normally use. Listen to Miss Cardenas.
    Riann Reyes 2019 "Get it done!" -Mrs. Cardenas
    Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known
    Giselle Martinez- (2018-2019) I really enjoyed when we went on our field trip to the art museums and also the encouraging words from Mrs. Cardenas, especially her “more shading” moments.
    Even though it might seem like a lot of work at first, you will learn to appreciate art even more and get all your work done at the end of the day so don’t fret!
    Lexi Palacios, 2019 My greatest memory from the year was my progress in drawing bodies. I genuinely believed it was impossible, my brain couldn’t comprehend the human body at all in the beginning of the year, but I frequently did gesture drawings and eventually improved.
    Don’t be afraid to be experimental and try new things. The only way I was able to complete my sustained investigation was by combining different ideas in order to create new ideas, so create a folder of artists that inspire you visually. Being experimental means learning what experimental work is, and finding out what works and what doesn’t.
    Caelyn Worman, 2019 "My room is a place where EVERYONE is to feel welcome and SAFE!..." Hurry up!!
    Gloria, 2019 ...Therefore any NEGATIVE remarks, slurs or slang dealing with race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,physical appearance,...
    Kayla Calderon, 2019 “...or physical/mental capabilities, will NOT be tolerated-wether there are implied, intended, or accidental”
    Don’t think too hard about what your concentration is going to be about, honestly it’ll just naturally form into what you love to draw, and that will be your concentration. But at the same time, don’t slack off either!!!
    Giselle Aguilar 2019 I had many great memories this year, but if I had to choose one then it would be our field trip in going to the art museums. I had so much fun.
    When creating an artwork try to be motivated. If you made a mistake in your artwork just now that you can always fix it (be creative) and most importantly don't procrastinate.
    Megan Lopez 2018-19 Was when I got to put my portfolio together and send it off.
    You don't have to know how to draw for this class, you have to know how to make art.
    Candice McClanahan, 2019 The first time i called her art mom/ if you truly desire greatness, you first must know what makes you weak.
    Prepare and take art classes during or before this class, because with no experience in a long time or at all it’s difficult to get through.