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    Course   Description: The   Advanced   Placement   program   enables   students   to   pursue   college -level   work   while   still   in   high   school.   The   course   is  geared   to   highly   motivated   students   who   are   seriously  interested in producing artwork in 2D media or Drawing Media. The AP Exam Overview from College Board can be found here. The Official AP Syllabus approved by College Board for this course is located here. 

     Focus   will   be   on   the   development   of  an   original   portfolio.   The   portfolio   is   submitted   to   the   College   Board  in the Spring.  

    Prerequisites: One   credit   of   any   Level   II   course   recommended

    Special   Notes: Art   students   will  need to purchase the supplies from the list on my main page. Mrs. Cardenas will have kits for purchase for $45

    This does not include the fee for the AP exam. 

    AP Students may need additional supplies, depending on their specific areas of Sustained Investigation. AP Students will keep a digital portfolio using Adobe Spark. This account is a free account. 


    Words of Wisdom submitted from 2019-2020 AP Students

    "When starting pieces, breathe a little, then dive into it. Make mistakes, it’ll be alright. Just don’t allow a lack of motivation or a fear of making some mistake have you fall behind deadlines." -SD


    "Any time you can, mention Danny Devito. Do your work because if not it will catch up to you. And enjoy the class time and the supplies Mrs. Cardenas has for you in class that you can use to expand your range for your artwork." -J.R.


    "Always make an effort to experiment with different items and mediums. Try to branch out and see what your strengths and weaknesses are to know what needs improvement." - R.H.


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    Grading Categories: 

    1. (20%) Daily Work/ Warm Ups.
    2. (30%) Sketches/ Projects In-Process/ Quizzes
    3. (50%) Major Projects/Tests/ Critique or Artwork Reflections. These will be graded upon project completion. 


    The Semester Exam will count as 20% of the semester grade. (1/7 of semester grade)


    Daily Activities

    If a student is absent from class, it is their responsibility to check with what the previous day’s daily activity was. 

    Sketches/ Projects In-Process/ Quizzes

    Periodically, art projects will be examined to check for progress in the form of sketches, examining efforts to make progress on the project, and through quizzes. 

    Major Projects & Tests

    There will be several major projects throughout the year. Students will be graded on meeting and exceeding the targeted learning expectations. Periodic tests will monitor  the progression of learning expectations. 


    Semester Examinations

    Semester exams, developed by NEISD, will check for understanding of key concepts and ideas explored in the TEKS and in our textbook. 


    Late Work Policy: 

    Per NEISD policy: 20% will be taken off for late work. For late work excluding major artworks due, students will not be penalized for turning in work late if their absence was excused. Barring special circumstances, artworks must be present on critique day. If a student is absent, the artwork should be e-mailed or turned in following the specified turn in directions for artworks by teh class meeting time. Artworks are generally assigned weeks in advance of critique. Artworks not present for critique day will be logged as a 0 in the gradebook and will recieve a 20% deduction when turned in, if they are turned in within the 3 week grading period in which they were assigned. Artworks presented on critique day which are determined to be less than 80% complete will not be graded and a 0 will be logged in the gradebook until they are turned in complete, if they are turned in within the grading period in which they were assigned. They will then recieve a 20% grade reduction when assessed. Additionally, you may not turn in an Artist Statement/Reflection without turning in an artwork that is at least 80% complete. Late Artist Statements/Reflections will be assessed with a 20% grade reduction. It is VERY important to work dilligently to get artworks compelte by the due dates. 


    Re-Teach & Re-Test Policy: 

    Art will follow the Re-teach and Re-test Policies for NEISD.


    General Grading Rubric: 

    EXEMPLARY WORK (90-100)

    *Work reflects all stated learning criteria.

    *Student demonstrates great effort to submit high quality work.

    *Work shows evidence of critical thinking.

    *Student turns in work on time.

    *Student uses materials and supplies appropriately.


    GOOD WORK (80-89)

    *Work reflects most, but not all of the stated learning criteria.

    *Student demonstrates moderate effort to submit high quality work.

    *Work shows evidence of critical thinking.

    *Student turns in work on time.

    *Student uses materials and supplies appropriately.



    *Work does not meet all stated learning criteria.

    *Student demonstrates little effort to submit high quality work.

    *Work shows little evidence of critical thinking.

    *Student turns in work on time.

    *Student needs reminders on how to use materials and supplies appropriately.



    *Work does not meet all stated learning criteria.

    *Student demonstrates little to no effort to submit high quality work.

    *Work shows no evidence of critical thinking.

    *Student does not turn in work on time.

    *Student needs reminders on how to materials and supplies appropriately.


    (Please note that this grading rubric is subject to change, depending on each assignment.)

     Genersl AP ARTWORK Grading Rubric 

    AP Artwork Rubric/ Assessment



    _____ 100: The concept engages the viewer with the work and the idea. The work demonstrates an original vision and shows innovative visual solutions working toward an individual voice. The work shows informed risk taking and development beyond technical concerns. Form and content are synthesized to clearly and repeatedly communicate the idea. The idea/concept is explored and developed.  Excellent mastery of craft and construction techniques. The work shows effective integration of concept and technique.


    _____ 90: The idea is good to strong; there is evidence of thought in the work. An evocative theme is investigated and pursued.  Strong evidence of craft and construction competence. Skill is evident.


    _____ 80: Manipulation of ideas is evident. Some growth and discovery are evident. The craft and the construction quality are generally good.


    _____ 75: Insufficient sense of investigation. Problems are not successfully resolved.  Moderate craft and construction skills are demonstrated.


    _____ 70: Simplistic in addressing solutions to problems. The idea is the same as the one(s) before. Shows no clear intent. If other source materials are used, the student’s voice is not discernible.  Weak, awkward skills are evident with assigned material.



    _____ 60: Shows little, if any, evidence of thinking/artistic decision making. Trite in addressing solutions.  Poor quality of craft and construction skills.


    _____ 0: The artwork was not present on critique day or was not 80% complete when presented at critique. Incomplete artworks are not assessed. Please see late work policy for AP art. 


    Conduct Grade Exemptions: 

    Steps 0-1: Teacher Intervention. Conduct Grade “E” or Grade “S”

    Step 2: Referral. Conduct Grade “N”

    Step 3: Referral to Administrator. Conduct Grade “U”. Student cannot exempt Semester 



    Academic Honesty:

    NEISD does not tolerate plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of trying to pass off the ideas or concepts of another as one’s own.  For example in art class, if you take material from a website, and insert it into your art, even if you modify it slightly – it’s plagiarism.  Therefore, if you appropriate images from an outside source, be sure you give credit where credit is due. There are many state and national art competitions that will disqualify entries if they suspect any form of plagiarism, so let’s be proactive to prevent any potential problems. 


    If you feel that you are being harassed in any way, please notify me. I will inform the appropriate NEISD staff to document your concerns. I will also share this information with your parents/ guardians.