• BIENVENIDOS!  I am so excited to interact with all of my students this year as we grow communicative skills in Spanish.

    Assignments will be given in class.  In Google Classroom, work that is able to be done from home will be posted as "materials" on the Classwork tab.   Worksheets can be printed from home, and journal work can be done in student spirals.  Some work, like interactive and interpretive tasks, speaking, and assessments, must be made up in tutoring upon return to campus.  

    While person-to-person talking is best for assistance, we will also use the REMIND app in class, and students will be able to reach me on that throughout the early evening with questions or responses that are not seen by their peers.  I will also be available for questions in class and during in-person tutoring, but this is just one more avenue of communication available to students for "quick questions" they may have, or to assist if they get stuck on something. They will want to have this app for reminders as well, if possible. 

    For parents, EMAIL is the best form of communication/contact.  We can coordinate through email to arrange phone conferences as well.   

    Students are asked to practice at home for 10-15 minutes each night, actively reviewing (speaking) the content from class... so they might ask parents or siblings to practice with them!  Thank you for your cooperation and patience as your child practices and progresses with their skills!  

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