•  All work for the high school course will be posted on google classroom

    College course work will be posted on the following platforms:

    Quest UT

    OnRamps portal


    Learning catalytics

    Phet online simulations

    proposed schedule:

    10/17 – 10/22
    Gizmo: Magnetism  
    out - PLI
    finish CW: E&M Combo circuits
    Unit 2 Exam
    CW: Intro to Magnetism (1.5 days)
    CW: Moving Charged Particles in a Magnetic field (1.5 days)

    10/24 – 10/28

    CW: Magnetic Interactions
    CW: Magnetic Force quantitative practice

    Lab: building a motor
    LC: Torque and Motors
    CW: Magnetic fields for Current Carrying Wires
    UT HW #5 opens, Due 11/6

    10/31 – 11/4
    CW: RHR #2 and Magnetic Fields of current carrying wires
    LC: Parallel Wires, Current Loops and Solenoids
    CW:  Magnetic Field Strength Quantitative Practice
    (UTHW problem solving)
    Unit 3 Exam
    UT HW #5 Due 11/6

    11/7 – 11/11

    CW: Intro to Induced Current
    Lab: Rip Cord Generator
    CW: Practice with Faraday’s Law, Lenz’s Law, and Motional EMF
    UT HW #6 opens, Due 11/20

    11/14 – 11/18

    CW: Motional EMF  
    CW: Applications of Faraday’s Law Investigations (2 days)
    LC: Induction
    (UTHW Problem Solving)
    LC: Faraday’s Law Application
    UTHW Problem Solving
    UT HW #6 Due 11/20

    Thanksgiving break 11/21 – 11/25

    11/28 – 12/2
    CW: Quantitative Practice
    CW: Quantitative Practice Mutual Inductance
    CW: Intro to AC Circuits
    UTHW Problem Solving
    UT HW #7 opens, Due 12/11

    12/5 – 12/9
    CW: Circuits Quantitative Practice
    LC: AC Circuits
    Midterm Review
    UTHW Problem Solving
    UT HW #7 Due 12/11

    12/12 – 12/16
    Midterm Exam