Welcome to Video Game Design

  • Welcome to Video Game Design!  

    Google Classroom Code: 5th Period - oqzu4fa, 8th Period - yokp7v4  


  • General Information

    We will cover:  the history and development of video games and related hardware through time, careers and career paths for game design, and the basics of game design theory.

    Class introduction – Policies and Procedures                

    We will discuss classroom rules, expectations, and what students hope to learn through this class.  We will introduce students to Class Craft as a means of classroom behavior management and team building.

    Skills for game design                                                          

    We will look at the skills necessary to be successful in the field of game design.  Math, Writing, drawing, etc…  Students will be rated in each area to benchmark skills at the beginning of the year.

    Video Game History                                    

    Students will discover how and why video games have developed over time.  We will look at innovations in game design and the evolution of game technology and how our world has been changed by it.

    Careers in Video Game                                           

    Students will explore careers in the Video Game Design Industry to determine which ones might match up with their interests and skills.  They will research the career paths which lead to these careers and identify post-secondary schools and programs that prepare people for those careers.

    Game Design Theory and Mechanics                                         

    Students will explore what parts/components make up a good video game through the online game design system Unreal Engine.  Topics covered will be:  components, game space, rules, goals, mechanics, balance, player characters, non-player characters, hazards, and enemies.  Students will design and create a balanced game based on a theme.  They will participate in the iterative cycle by playing each-others games, providing feedback, and making changes based on feedback.

    Be on time. Be respectful of others in class and the equipment used in this class. This class will be required to create multiple projects through various software.
    Late Work
    Late work will be accepted but will result in the immediate loss of 20% of their grade. Absences will extend the deadline for assignment submission but it is the responsibility of the student to inquire about missing work.

    You are tardy at the start of class! No exceptions unless you have a pass. After 5 minutes, you will be counted absent. 
    Daily Work / Discussions – 60%
    Projects & Tests – 40%
    Tutoring will be available on Tuesday morning from 8:15-8:45 and Thursday afternoon from 4:20-5:00. If a student is in need of a different time, arrangements can be made.

    Re-Teach and Re-Assess
    As per the NEISD policy, if more than 50% of a class fails an assessment, the entire lesson will be re-taught and a new assessment will be given. Under these circumstances, students receive the higher of the two assessment grades. If a student fails an assessment and less than 50% of the class has failed, the student will have the opportunity to re-take the assessment outside of normal class time to receive a higher grade, not to exceed 70%.