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    "Cat. 1" in Skyward: Pre-Unit Quizzes (also college grades)--10% (8% of college overall grade)

    To make up a Pre-Unit Quiz for which you were absent, you have until the quiz is no longer available to access on Canvas OR the day before the End-of-Unit Test for that same unit: the "no-more-access" date may come first because in the syllabus you're given just a five-day make-up window.

    "Cat. 2" in Skyward: End-of-Unit Tests (each one called "Unit ___ Test" elsewhere)--50%

    There is a two-week window after the administration of each test during which I will discuss your test results (i.e., talk about why the right answer is correct, etc.) in tutoring if you are interested in engaging in that activity.

    At your request and in tutoring, you may retake below-"70" Pre-Unit Quizzes and End-of-Unit Tests for a potential maximum grade of "70."  As for Unit Tests (only), I advise that you first discuss with me in tutoring incorrectly answered items before attempting a retake; if that discussion occurs, you must wait until at least the next tutoring time to do the retake.

    "Cat. 3" in Skyward: IQs (In-Class Questions sheets)--30%

    "Cat. 4" in Skyward: Journal Entries--10%

    Extra Credit Offers:

    Paper-copy Unit Study Guides (distributed in class) completed in your own handwriting may be turned in for potentially up to ten points extra credit on the End-of-Unit-Tests category.  Each unit's study guide is due the day of that unit's End-of-Unit Test (see my OnRamps Canvas calendar or the calendar on this website).  A unit's study guide will be accepted late only if you are absent the day of that End-of-Unit Test and that absence does not appear in Skyward as "U."  In the case of an excused absence on a study-guide due date, you have one school day after your return to school to turn in the study guide; I will assess and return to you the study guide so that you may use it to prepare for the End-of-Unit Test.

    The class meeting of each Pre-Unit Quiz, after all students have finished the quiz, your permanent, assigned team will meet for a post-quiz discussion, called a "Unit Discussion" in Canvas.  This discussion involves annotating in the Perusall app the quiz's OpenStax textbook assignment to (1) comment on what your thought process was regarding quiz questions you got wrong; (2) answer a question a team member has entered in Perusall; and (3) other similar activities.  For each one of these Perusall-app discussions for which the app's AI deems your comments to have earned at least a "70," ten points will be added to your Pre-Unit Quizzes category.  You may continue working on your annotations for one week after the in-class discussion time: make more comments and more thoughtful comments, and you have a better chance at pleasing the AI.

    Semester Exam: 20% of semester average (the categories above constitute each 9 weeks average)