• Welcome to English IV AP Literature.

    In this college-level course, you will engage in close reading, interpretation, and analysis of a variety of literary form including short stories, poems, novels, and plays representing both classical and contemporary literature by recognized authors.  As a writer, you will engage in a variety of modes and scenarios ranging from time AP-style essays to reflective and creative works to research-based process papers MLA format.

    The AP English Literature test offered in May 2021 provides the opportunity for you to receive college credit based of your performance on the exam.  It is the expectation that you take this exam (and you may even earn college credit in doing so). 

    As a senior AP student, you are expected to take responsibility and initiative for your own learning and productivity.  This course is designed for you to further develop your academic and intellectual sophistication as you prepare to leave high school and begin your collegiate academic life.