• James Madison High School Parking Application 18 19 printable version

    James Madison High School Parking Application (18-19)
    $30.00 Fee Payable to James Madison High School. (cash or check only)
    (Office Use Only-----DECAL #_________ DECAL TYPE: (MAIN, ATHLETIC, EARLY RELEASE, PALS)
    STUDENT___________________________________________GRADE____ ID#_________ DATE____________
    (Last Name) (First Name)
    VEHICLE INFORMATION: Year __________ Make/Model __________________ Color __________
    STATE LICENSE PLATE #_____________________
    Insurance Company_______________________________ Policy #_______________ Expiration (Mo/Year) _______________

    (Proof of Insurance is required at time of purchase and again at time of expiration during the school year.)

    1. The school accepts NO responsibility for any possible damage, fire, or theft of the vehicle.
    2. Students must not owe school obligations (parking fines, lost textbooks, organization fee’s, etc.) in order to purchase a parking permit.
    3. Maximum speed limit at Madison is 10 MPH.
    4. All parking rules at Madison must be strictly observed:
    a. Do not park in areas that are marked with red or yellow lines/stripes or along any curbs.
    b. Park only in student parking (white striped in all areas except AG, which is behind the goat barn) in your assigned area.
    c. Report all accidents to the assistant principal’s office as soon as possible.
    d. All parking permits are to be clearly displayed on the rear view mirror.
    e. Student may not loiter in or around vehicles during the school day for any reason.
    f. Vehicles parked on campus are subject to search.
    5. Madison is a “closed campus”. Students are not allowed to leave campus during the school day without permission from an administrator or designee or a “blue slip” from the attendance office. Any student driving off campus during the school day without permission is subject to suspension of their parking permit for 3 days. A second offense may result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the semester. A third offense may result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year. These consequences are in addition to other disciplinary consequences the student may receive for leaving campus.
    6. Failure to comply with school parking regulations may result in suspension or revocation of campus parking privileges, tickets and/or other disciplinary consequences.
    7. Excessive tardies and/or absences, failure to abide by school rules and failure to maintain passing grades may result in a suspension or revocation of parking privileges.
    8. Parking tickets shall be paid within 30 days of issuance or the parking permit will be suspended. Any unpaid tickets shall be deemed as an obligation to the school. Three (3) parking tickets may result in the parking permit being revoked for the remainder of the school year.
    9. Parking permits may not be transferred to other drivers or vehicles. A change in vehicle use shall be reported to the AP Center.
    10. The student shall maintain a valid driver’s license, follow the State of Texas insurance requirement and registration requirements. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in revocation of the parking permit. Failure to report noncompliance with the State requirements while holding a parking permit may result in disciplinary action.
    By signing below, the student and parent acknowledge they have read the parking rules and agree to abide by them.
    ______________________________________ __________________________________________
    Student Signature Date Parent Signature Date