• Theatre at Tejeda is a class, but there are many opportunities to be involved if your child is passionate about it and not enrolled in class.  Our musical is open to the whole school to audition.  Keep an eye out for flyers and announcements around school at the beginning of the year for info.

    Tech applications for the musical will also be available to any Tejeda student in mid September if your child wants to work backstage.  Due to the high applicants in the past, applications also require teacher recommendations and not all who apply can be chosen due to space restrictions backstage.

    Any Tejeda student can also participate in the speech competitions. 

    Any student enrolled in Theatre 2 or 3 may audition for the UIL One-Act Play. 

    Only 8th grade Theatre III students may direct a short play in the spring, but may cast ANY student at Tejeda who is welcome to audition.  Again, keep an eye out for flyers and information on the morning announcements. 


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