• NEISD Theatre North East ISD is proud of its talented and strong theatre programs. The award-winning Theatre Arts program of North East ISD provides opportunities for students to develop their creative talents.  North East offers a full theatre curriculum that is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as required by SB 815 and the Texas Education Agency. 

    Classroom training and campus theatrical productions allow students to explore and create through the development of acting skills, physical movement, use of make-up, costuming, lighting, sound, set design and construction.

    In North East ISD students are giving the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of Theater in the 6th grade through 12th grade. Our course offerings start with building a foundation of understanding and moves all the way to advanced course work.  

    • Our sixth grade curriculum emphasizes creative drama through Voice and Diction - Body and Movement Technique - Basic Theatre Terminology - Developing Sensory Awareness - Stage Work - Characterization - Monologue and Scene Performances - Audience Etiquette -  Theatre History - Careers in Theatre.  
    • Our seventh and eighth grade curriculum focuses a deeper understanding of theatrical elements, principles, and techniques.  
    • Our ninth – twelfth grade students have opportunities to develop and apply knowledge of theatrical elements, principles, techniques, such as more in-depth acting, directing, and design.
    • All students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in theatre through research, creative thinking, problem-solving, and improvisation. 


    High School Theatre Directors 


    Churchill High School                         Clark Stevens / Wade Young

    Johnson High School                            Jay Asterman  / Megan Thompson

    LEE High School                                    Joe Cooley / Jennifer Alcala

    MacArthur High School                      Margaret Tonra / Dean Whitus

    Madison High School                           James Black

    NESA                                                        Mark Ayers / David Connelly

    Reagan High School                              Paul Fillingim / James Kaiser

    Roosevelt High School                          Fran Rosaly / Chad Thompson


Theatre Shows

  • Julie Shore                                                                     Joseph Johnson
    Executive Director of Fine Arts                                 Director of Student Activities
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