• Unveil Truths, Forge Voices: NEISD Journalism

    Journalism at NEISD is an environment where words, images, and multimedia intertwine to craft stories that resonate. Our academic communication programs pave the way for students to explore the dynamic landscape of both written and visual communication, teaching students to uncover truths, amplify voices, and captivate audiences with compelling reporting.

    Fueling Excellence, Crafting Stories:

    Excellence isn’t just a goal at NEISD, it’s a tradition. With a legacy of success, our journalism students flourish under the guidance of dedicated educators who nurture their potential. Here, communicating isn’t just about leading the way; it’s about pushing boundaries, delving into fields, and expanding horizons beyond the classroom.

    Bearing the Torch of Information:

    NEISD journalism lies in the pursuit of truth as students embrace the challenge of collecting news, conducting interviews, researching topics, and crafting visuals that breathe life into stories. With quality publications as the standard and accuracy as the key, students preserve the essence of each topic, recording history for future readers and ensuring that knowledge flows seamlessly from each story to every reader.


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