• Exploring the Art of Dance: A Journey of Movement and Expression

  • The world of Fine Arts is a realm of exploration, where talents flourish and individual growth takes center stage. Through an array of inspiring opportunities, NEISD stimulates Fine Arts students to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and personal development. As a spirited student, our Fine Arts Department paves the way for these leaders to shine on stages, connect with communities, and thrive as artists, citizens, and lifelong learners.

    Elevating Spirit and Leadership:

    Embrace the heartbeat of NEISD's spirit organizations; Pep Squad, Drill Team, Dance Team, Freshman cheerleading, Junior Varsity cheerleading, Varsity cheerleading, and mascots. In these emphatic ensembles, students don't just participate; they lead and inspire. Spirit students take pride in fostering positivity and camaraderie, representing their schools with passion and dedication.

  • A Community of Excellence:

    With approximately 1,500 participating students, our spirit organizations are a loud highlight of talents that enrich the NEISD community. Our vision goes beyond, striving to expand opportunities, extend belonging, and nurture the spirit of healthy competition. These programs aren't just extracurricular activities; they're fine arts, a true embodiment of artistic expression, dedication, and good citizenship.

    Unveil Your Potential:

    Join a spirit organization and discover the power of igniting the spirit within. It's not just about the performances, it's about the growth and the journey. Become a beacon of leadership, an ambassador of artistry, and a source of inspiration that transcends the stage. Your spirit is the spark.

Pep Squad - Smiling Pep Squad Member
  • Pep Squad

    Pep Squads set the stage for school spirit to shine, developing an environment of endless enthusiasm and vibrant energy. Designed to ignite the flames of pride and unity, our Pep Squads are more than just teams; they’re a family united by a shared passion for promoting the heartbeat of our schools.

    A Symphony of Spirit:

    Pep Squads at NEISD infuse school events, athletic performances, contests, community gatherings, and performance trips with a dazzling burst of life. These squads allow students to channel the essence of school spirit into every routine, captivating hearts and hyping up support. With a district-wide enrollment of around 1000 students, our Pep Squads are spirited voices that resonate throughout hallways, events, and community.

    Paving the Path for Tomorrow’s Leaders:

    As we march into the future, our Pep Squad programs remain committed to their role as spirit leaders. We envision a space for all students, one where belonging is a given and where young leaders emerge. Guided by the values of healthy competition, our Pep Squads continue to inspire, uplift, and cultivate an atmosphere of unity that extends straight into the heart of our schools.

  • High School Eligibility & Expectations

Dance and Drill Performing
  • Dance & Drill

    Dive into the captivating world of Dance and Drill, where rhythm, grace, and unity converge as a team to create stunning performances that transcend the stage. Our exceptional program is a testament to dedication, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence, offering year-round engagement and fostering leaders who are pillars of school spirit and artistic innovation.

    Where Talent Takes the Lead:

    NEISD takes immense pride in our high school dance and drill program, a renowned platform that nurtures talent and fuels success. These teams are more than just dancers; they’re ambassadors of school spirit, performing at events and leading the community. Our program embodies the true essence of leadership, building confident individuals who inspire both on and off the stage.

    Dance as an Art, Dance as a Lifestyle:

    Our Dance and Drill Team curriculum is a comprehensive blend of artistry and athletics. From dance elements to choreographic processes, students learn diverse dance styles that deepens their understanding of art, culture, and history. 

  • High School Eligibility & Expectations

Cheer Performing at a Competition
  • Cheer

    In the heart-pounding world of NEISD Cheerleading, athleticism, camaraderie, and school pride collide to create electrifying performances that leave a lasting impact. Our cheerleading programs aren’t just about routines, they’re about inspiring cheers that echo through stadiums, igniting enthusiasm, and uniting communities in a symphony of support.

    Unveiling Athletic Artistry:

    At NEISD, cheerleading is more than a sport; it’s an art form that demands agility, strength, and showmanship. Our cheerleaders are dynamic athletes who blend high-level tumbling, gravity-defying stunts, and spirited routines to elevate school events and competitions alike. Beyond the routines, they embody the essence of teamwork and dedication, inspiring peers and creating unforgettable moments.

    Championing Diversity, Fostering Excellence:

    Our cheerleading curriculum isn’t just about perfecting a routine, it's about exploring dance elements and mastering a variety of tumbling and jumping techniques. With a focus on cultural understanding, join us in this exhilarating journey where every cheer is a testament to the power of unity, athleticism, and the vibrant spirit that defines NEISD.

  • High School Eligibility & Expectations