• Band

    Our exceptional NEISD band programs, which are acclaimed statewide for their unparalleled achievements, can elevate any musical journey. Students are immersed in a world of extraordinary music education, with accolades of consistent Sweepstakes wins at UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contests that set the stage for our remarkable reputation and bright program future.

    NEISD bands have clinched top 10 finishes in both State UIL and Band of America Grand National marching competitions, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication. Notably, every one of our 7 High School Bands advanced to the finals in the UIL Area Marching Contest, a testament to our collective pursuit of excellence.

    Join our legacy of success as we celebrate 64 students who have secured coveted spots in the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Band within the past 3 years. Students can embark on a developing journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the spirit of true musical brilliance.

    Guided by our industry-leading educators and fueled by our brilliantly talented students, NEISD's commitment to excellence resonates through every note and performance. These accomplishments have not only created an atmosphere of immense pride within our district but have also positioned NEISD as the most sought-after in the band community.

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  • High School Eligibility & Expectations

  • Orchestra

    NEISD orchestra programs shine brightly among Texas’ finest. Our musical odyssey commences with the 5th Grade Strings program, creating a deep connection to music that develops into a profound love for the art. From novice to virtuoso, students are nurtured to become master musicians, igniting a lifelong passion for music.

    Our orchestra’s resounding success is evident in the consistent sweepstakes triumphs at UIL Concert and Sightreading contests. With every performance, our orchestra students earn their right to the top. Their dedication and unwavering commitment yields remarkable achievements, including coveted spots in the TMEA Texas All-State Orchestra.

    The spirit of achievement resonates throughout NEISD, transforming our district into a haven of pride and excellence. Guided by master directors, supported by a nurturing community, and fueled by the talents of our students, NEISD stands as a testament to the power of fine arts education. As our journey unfolds, the pursuit of excellence in all our Fine Arts programs remains our unwavering melody.

  • Middle School Eligibility & Expectations

  • High School Eligibility & Expectations

  • Choir

    Discover the transformative world of choir music where skill and passion unite to create an extraordinary experience. Our commitment to student excellence shines through our choirs, which are guided by rigorous content standards for middle and high school levels, setting the stage for unmatched competition.

    With offerings spanning 14 middle schools and 7 high schools, our growing choir community boasts a roster of 32 certified choral specialists. Over 2,000 high school students immerse themselves in our diverse choir programs, including men's and women's choirs, vocal ensembles, show choirs, vocal jazz ensembles, and madrigal choirs. Additionally, and when space is permitting, private voice lessons are also featured to enrich individual growth.

    Driven by an unyielding sense of accomplishment in our choir history, NEISD stands as the epitome of community pride. Our master directors, dedicated educators, and gifted students continually elevate our choir legacy. With student participation in UIL contests, solo and ensemble events, and regional auditions, our choirs advance through rigorous competitive stages to achieve coveted places in the prestigious All-State Choir.

  • Middle School Eligibility & Expectations

  • High School Eligibility & Expectations

  • Elementary Music: A Melodic Journey of Learning and Creativity

    Welcome to the beginning of musical discovery at NEISD with our elementary campuses! Here, students embrace the harmonious world of general music, becoming an integral part of every student’s education journey from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our elementary music program offers a rich blend of experiences designed to ignite a lifelong love for music and foster creative growth; nurturing musical talent and expanding musical horizons by creating an awareness of passion for music. Due to this program, melodies become lifelong companions, creative expression thrives, and the joy of music resonates through every note.

    Engaging Every Student:

    The magic of music comes alive for all students, with every elementary campus offering the gift of general music instruction. Students in grades K - 5 engage into a captivating curriculum encompassing singing, movement, instrumental exploration, music literacy, and a rich tapestry of melodies from diverse cultures and periods. The journey is dynamic, encouraging students to express themselves, read music, partake in musical performances, appreciate musical masters, and create freely.

    Exploring Beyond the Classroom:

    Beyond regular music room instruction, NEISD elementary students have the chance to further their musical passion through special choirs, recorder clubs, and choir chime clubs available at select campuses. These ensembles amplify the joy of music-making, allowing students to refine their skills and share their talent with the community. During festive seasons, our elementary choirs and special groups spread joy through community service performances at the River Walk, San Antonio International Airport, nursing homes, hotels, and more.

    After School Strings: A Path to Orchestra Excellence:

    For 5th graders seeking to further their musical journey, the After School Strings program offers a gateway to orchestral opportunities. Students can seek out the violin, viola, cello, or double bass as they are guided by passionate music teachers who ignite their enthusiasm for music. With participation, students are able to get a glimpse of their future with the ability to enroll in a school’s orchestra. 

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