Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Erik Mehlen

I attended the North East School of the Arts and graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Over the last 15 years I have been working as a freelance artist and illustrator with accolades from the Society of Illustrators and the American Advertising Federation. I have two published children’s books and I co-manage a gallery with a group of other artists downtown at Bluestar every First Friday. When I’m not making art I enjoy hiking outdoors with my girlfriend, watching movies, cooking, and exploring other creative outlets. In life, we never stop being students. I love to learn and I love to teach that attitude to others.

My passion for the visual arts and education has led me to an exciting new chapter of teaching here at Tejeda and I am both proud and honored for the opportunity to share that with the students and parents of our community. As a visual arts instructor it is my goal to help encourage your child to succeed and discover their artistic potential. The visual arts are not only a way into discovering your inner creativity, but is also a means of leisure and stress-relief, connection with self and community, and the development of lifelong problem-solving skills.

Class/Daily Schedule

  • Monday

    8:20-9:07 1st Period Art 1
    9:11-9:56 Conference Period
    10:00-10:45 3rd Period Art 1
    10:45-11:15 Lunch
    11:19-12:04 4th Period Art 1
    12:08-12:53 5th Period Art 1
    12:57-1:42 6th Period Art 1
    1:46-2:31 7th Period Art 1
    2:35-3:20 8th Period Art 1


    8:20-9:09 1st Period Art 1
    9:13-9:58 Conference Period
    10:02-10:47 3rd Period Art 1
    10:47-11:17 Lunch
    11:21-12:06 4th Period Art 1
    12:10-12:55 5th Period Art 1
    12:59-1:27 WOLF
    1:27-2:12 6th Period Art 1
    2:16-3:01 7th Period Art 1
    3:05-3:50 8th Period Art 1



    Tues (7:45 - 8:15) Thur (3:55 - 4:30) Room B102

    Other tutoring times can be scheduled on an individual need basis.

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