We are happy to announce that

    the History Fair and Culture Fest

    will resume on April 1, 2023 …no joke!


  • Take A Walk Through Time With The Entire Family...

    Whether you are a History "buff" or simply want to experience a fun activity as a family, the Annual Tejeda History Faire & Culture Fest is the event that all will enjoy! There will be plenty of "hands-on" activities for all ages to experience.

    Come and learn about the Buffalo Soldiers, hear a real Mariachi Band, watch a Medieval Tournament, or interact with Roman Soldiers!

    Historical re-enactment groups will be on the grounds of Tejeda's History Hill for a day of fun and learning, FREE to all. 

    Children of all ages may participate in activities from all era's of history. Dancing, music, and art will invite the young as well as the old to experience the ways that our ancestors lived.

    Tejeda Clubs will be selling food, drinks, and various items to benefit their organizations. A shaded area for eating and resting will be available as well as restroom facilities.