• Tejeda History Hill

    History Hill

    History Hill is the outdoor learning area on the Tejeda Middle School campus. It began shortly after the school opened its doors in 2001 and has grown with the help of students, staff, parents, and other volunteers. Its naming and funds raised for its success have all been accomplished by Tejeda students. 

    History Hill was created with the aim of encouraging our students to experience learning in a 'hands-on' environment. This is where they can come sit inside a genuine teepee while learning all about Native Americans, or sit around a camp fire next to the chuck wagon hearning all about the cattle drives of long ago. Archeological dig boxes, Roman garden, prehistoric stone circles, and medieval stocks are some other centers that are used as beginning points for learning about the past. 

    History Hill is used by many other subject areas as it has two outside classrooms and a performance stage. Learning comes in many forms and History Hill has been found to offer students a place to hone their reasoning and deductive skills as well as encouraging them to develop self discipline and self confidence. Problem solving is a priority as they have learned to use their bodies as well as their minds by putting up the teepee or by building the cedar fence. 

    Please support our student's future efforts as they strive to make History Hill even better.