Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Education from Trident International University. Bachelor's in Business from Trident International University.


My name is George Harris and I am the Sixth grade Social Studies Teacher at Tejeda Middle School.  I am married to my beautiful wife, Sophia.  We have four children ranging in ages from 14-32. I will try to bring some fun to Social Studies as well as educating your child. .

I am new this year to Tejeda, this will be my eighth year teaching Middle School . Before I started teaching children, I was in the military. I served 30 years in the Army. While I was in the service I work hard and earn my Master Degree in Education, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. During my experience in the military I have learned what it means to sacrifices and work hard. I hope to instill this into my students, so they will not be afraid to try their best in class, and in all things that they do in life.

I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the Tejeda community, and am very excited about helping to develop the traditions that will become Tejeda Middle School.

Class Schedule

  • Monday

    1st period   ( 8:20 - 9:07)     

    2nd period  ( 9:11- 9:56)      

    3rd Period   (10:00-10:45)    

    Lunch         (10:45- 11:15) 

    4th Period   (11:19-12:04)   

    5th Period   (12:08- 12:53)   

    6th Period   (12:57-1:42)      

    7th Period   (1:46-2:31)        

    8th Period   (2:35-3:20)        


    1st Period  (8:20-9:09)

    2nd Period (9:13-9:58)

    3rd Period (10:02-10:47)

    Lunch       (10:47-11:17)

    4th Period (11:21-12:06)

    5th Period (12:10-12:55)

    Wolf          (12:59-1:27)    

    6th Period (1:27-2:12)

    7th Period (2:16-3:01)

    8th Period (3:05-3:50)

Class Anouncements