• Welcome to OnRamps Rhetoirc!  This class is designed to be equivalent to a first-year college composition course, so we will focus on analyzing and using rhetorical strategies, analyzing and writing arguments, composing documented synthesis essays, and practical instruction in the principles and methods of clear and effective writing. We will spend time in the writing process, including analyzing audience and purpose, pre-writing, planning, drafting, revising, and editing, so that you become more comfortable and confident writers who express their ideas and opinions clearly and effectively. Students can earn up to six hours of college credit through the University of Texas in RHE 306 and RHE 307.


    Writing well, thinking critically, and analyzing and synthesizing information are essential skills for success in college, but also for life as an active citizen in our society.  In this class, we will examine current issues that surround us and shape our world, and I hope that as your view of the world expands, you develop a more critical eye toward it.