• Counseling Office

    Students are welcome to come in before school, after school or during their lunch period. Counselors are also available for students and parents through phone, email and zoom Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 pm. To find your counselor, click on "Find My Counselor" (located below) for their name and contact information.

    Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

    Counseling Office Phone: (210) 356-0000

    Fax: (210) 442-0818

    For academic advice, questions about CCMR or financial aid, contact:
    Find Your School Counselor
    Guidance & Counseling Department
    For questions about testing programs and preparation, contact:
    Your School Counselor
    Advanced Academics
    For questions about CTE courses, career certificates and industry certifications, contact:
    Career & Technical Education 
    For more information about magnet programs, contact:
    Magnet Programs

  • 10th-12th A - ESH

    Greene, Marilu
    (210) 356-0030

    10th-12th Els-Leej

    Schmitt, Amanda
    (210) 356-0029

    10th-12th Leek-Rij

    Patterson Lopez, Cynthia
    (210) 356-0028

    10th-12th RIK-Z

    Gutierrez-Patacsil, Sandra
    School Counselor
    (210) 356-0027

    9th grade A-Z

    Dickson, Erin
    Lead Counselor
    (210) 356-0022

    9th- 12th grade A-Z

    Johnson, Kathy
    Mental Wellness Counselor
    (210) 356-0080

    9th-12th Gr. Cohort Support

    Miri, Claudia
    School Counselor
    (210) 356-0025


    Dimaline, Jeannie
    (210) 356-0112

  • Mental Wellness Counselors

    Student Well-Being & Mental Wellness counselors help students develop life skills to meet the complex challenges that may arises at school, at home, or in the community. The goal of our counselors is to maximize students' success emotionally, socially, behaviorally, and academically.

  • Guidance Services

    Churchill High School counselors are here to aide students with coping skills, healthy relationships, bullying/cyberbullying, self-awareness, and drug prevention and awareness.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurriculars provide an environment where all students can learn new skills or hone those skills already familiar. We think learning happens best experientially and inspires wholeness in every area of life.