The Four Pillars of The Center

Academic Assistance

  • Course Protection/Course Recovery Assistance
  • Pre-Teaching for SpEd and ELL students
  • Targeted STAAR/EOC Support
  • Tier 1 Intervention

Individual Hope

  • Counseling Support with trained NEISD counselors
  • Parent Classes though our Family Specialist
  • Access to the Food Pantry
  • Community Mentorships
  • Communities in Schools

21st Century Skills

  • Industry Based Certifications with a CCMR Focus
  • Guest Speakers from local businesses and fields
  • Job Fairs/Field Trips
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Community Involvement

  • Unique Churchill Experiences
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Enrollment Legacy
  • What to Expect?

    • First Saturday - Counselors available to all students and parents.
      Targeted audience:  Students seeking guidance on college applications, FAFSA, resumes and letters of recommendation. Counselors available from 9 AM until 12 noon.
    • Second Saturday - AVID Virtual Field Trips/AVID Tutorings/WC Student Tutors/ELL Support/ELL Parent Classes.
      Targeted audience: Students that are first generation college students/ELL students and parents. SpEd pre-teaching of material.
    • Third Saturday - SAT Prep
      Targeted audience: College students preparing for college
    • Fourth Saturday - Churchill Community Saturday. Focus on connections within the community and authentic student experiences.
      Targeted audience: Our community and our feeder schools.  High School students looking to give back.  High School students practicing their skills (ASL/Spanish) and/or community service.  Field Trips, speakers and community service. 
    • Every Saturday - Academic Support, Food Pantry, and access to administration. Support, guidance and safety.