Welcome to a new school year. I have taught for 22 years and 19 of those have been here at Churchill. I have a Bachelor's in Spanish and a Master's in Education from U.T.S.A. I look forward to great year and I can be reached at dknaut@neisd.net 

    My schedule is as follows:

    1st Spanish II

    2nd Spanish II

    3rd Spanish II Honors

    4th Spanish II

    5th Lunch

    6th Spanish II

    7th Spanish II Honors

    8th Conference

    My tutoring times are Monday's and Tuesday's from 8:15-8:45


     A good website to use for review is StudySpanish.com, it has everything from pronunciation to grammar practice.












  • My Class Schedule (C206)


    1st period                     Spanish  II   

    2nd period                    Spanish II

    3rd period                     Spanish II Honors

    4th period                     Spanish II Honors

    5th period                     Spanish II Honors

    6th period                     Lunch

    7th period                     Department chair

    8th period                     Conference     


    TutoringTimes/Office hours

    Mornings:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 815-8:45







Phone: (210) 356-0059


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Spanish (UTSA) MA in Education (UTSA)

Mrs. Diana S. Knauth

I have been at Churchill for 18 years and just completed my 21st year of teaching. I have a BA in Spanish and a MA in Education.