• Course Description:  Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic elective course that prepares students for college readiness and success, and it is scheduled during the regular school day as a year-long course. Each week, students receive instruction utilizing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum provided by AVID Center, tutor-facilitated study groups, motivational activities, and academic survival skills. The course emphasizes rhetorical reading, analytical writing, collaborative discussion strategies, tutorial inquiry study groups, preparation for college entrance and placement exams, college study skills and test-taking strategies, note-taking, and research.  


    12th Grade Concept:

    The 12th grade AVID Elective course is the second part in a junior/senior seminar course that focuses on writing and critical thinking expected of first- and second-year college students. Students will complete a final research essay project from research conducted in AVID. In addition to the academic focus of the AVID senior seminar, there are college-bound activities, methodologies, and tasks that should be achieved during the senior year that support students as they apply to four-year universities and confirm their postsecondary plans. All AVID seniors are required to develop and present a portfolio representing their years of work in the AVID program, as well as complete the requirements for the seminar course.


    Supplies to bring every day:

    1. Binder, agenda, and interactive notebook
    2. Pencils, erasers, highlighters, pens

    Grading Policy:

    Your nine weeks grades will be:

    Your Semester grade will be:

    Ø  20% - Binder/Agenda

    Ø  20% - Tutorials

    Ø  20% - Daily Grade

    Ø  25% - Essay

    Ø  15% - Projects

    Ø  40% - Nine Weeks

    Ø  40% - Nine Weeks

    Ø  20% - Final Exam




    Binder Grade:

    Binder Grades are taken every Friday unless Friday is a holiday or Mr. Stewart states there is not a Binder Grade for the week.  If you are absent on Friday the following Tuesday is binder make-up day (no grade deduction for being absent, 20% grade reduction if not an absence).  You are responsible for letting Mr. Stewart know that you need a binder grade.


    Tutorial Grades:

    • Tutorials are every Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Students must have their tutorial request forms (TRFs) completed before the beginning of class. TRFs that are not complete before class will be assessed a reduction on pre-work points (per AVID).
    • If a student is absent on Tuesday or Thursday, that student will receive an excuse for that tutorial grade (the student’s grade will not be effected).
    • To replace a failing TRF grade, students can use a replacement TRF for another class in which the student attending tutoring for that class and gets the teacher’s signature, however, in the case that it becomes common practice students will lose the option.


    Academic Dishonesty:

    • Academic dishonesty includes cheating and/or copying the work of another student, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication between students during an examination.
    • Students found guilty of academic dishonesty will receive a grade of zero on any assignment/quiz/test administered.


    Electronic Devices:


    • Electronic devices are prohibited during teacher instruction, and all phones should be kept inside of their backpack.



    It is YOUR responsibility to get make-up work and turn it in at the correct time.  Missed notes may be copied from another student, or request a copy from the teacher. 



    Class starts at the bell. Please be prepared and ready to start class. As a campus, we believe in bell-to-bell instruction. Be eager to learn, show up early or on time.


    Additional Information

    Be courteous, considerate, and respectful to others.  Do not interfere with the learning of others.


    All School Policies & Consequences will be enforced.  See your student handbook for more details.