Mrs. Karen Coleman

Phone: 210-356-2200


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Dietetics M.S. Home Economics Education

Mrs. Karen Coleman

Welcome to the world of TR Culinary Arts!!! We make magic happen in the kitchen with love every day!! I have been teaching Family & Consumer Sciences for 22 years. I have been at Roosevelt HS for 17 years and am looking forward to year number 18!!! Family & Consumer Science classes are those classes that we utilize in our everyday living. I have taught students about Housing, Financial Management, Nutrition, and many other topics. One of the main reasons I love the topics I teach is because they are relevant for a student's entire life. We will always be required to eat food, find shelter, or make financial transactions. Currently I teach Culinary Arts and Advanced Culinary Arts. Next year I will be able to add Practicum in Culinary Arts. I love watching a students faces as they suddenly create magic in the kitchen! I tell them we will begin with flour and water to create pancakes or biscuits or dumplings or cookies the magic is in knowing the formula (Recipe) and in PRACTICE! Mistakes are expected in the kitchen. Sometimes accidents become the new trendy cuisine. TR could produce the next Masterchef Television Celebrity! Say tuned...

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Class Schedule

  • 1st (8:45-9:35) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    2nd (9:40-10:30) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    3rd (10:35-11:25) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    4th (11:30-12:25) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    Extended Period (12:25-12:55) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    C Lunch (1:00-1:30)

    5th (1:35-2:25) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    6th (2:30-3:30) Culinary Arts/Advanced Culinary Arts

    7th (3:25-4:14) Conference (often grocery shopping for classes)